Wink of an Eye Two - by Todd K. Frazier

Todd whimpered. It was a pathetically cold whimper.

His teeth chattered one last time and his jaw froze shut.

Then, three scantily clad women beamed onto the bridge, winked at him and then disappeared... as if someone sped up a tape too fast. Soon, Todd's non frozen ear drums could hear the sound of mosquitos buzzing about, and he watched in amazement as systems turned them selves back on. The heat returned, the foil vanished from around the ship in an instant, and he felt first a faint kiss on his cheek and then some movement near his arm. A few seconds later, he felt much warmer, as if someone had given him a high speed shot or two to heal his frozen body.

A note appeared in his hand. He opened it and read it, the feeling returning to his hands as he did so:

~~~~~~~~ Dear Todd,

We are from another dimension where time runs at a much faster rate to us, making you seem to move in slow motion. Normally, we don't bother with people from your speed, but we needed a new ship to live on.

We fixed all your problems, and are also dealing with your friend out there. In return, all we ask, is that you let us live on your ship. If any problems should happen in the future, we'll repair them for you. Let us be your high speed crew. We promise not to hurt you, as we think you're kind of cute.


The Todd fan club.


"Wow!" Todd said, then smiled. "I hope they stay out of my shower.."

Todd turned to the scanner, which was just now clearing to see a perplexed Greg standing there. "Wha? How did you get the foil off so quickly?"

"Quickly-would be the key, Greg."



"I must know!"

"Get used to disappointment."

"NO!!! Tell me or, or...."

"Or what?"

"Just tell me."

"You know in spy movies, like James Bond, how the super-villian always kidnaps the good guy and then explains everything he's been doing and is about to do just before he tries to kill him?" Todd asked, in a mocking tone.

"Yeah..." Greg answered, not liking the direction the conversation was taking.

"I always thought that was pretty stupid of the super-villian," Todd said. "Besides, you should have your answer right about now."

Greg heard a buzzing sound in his ear. Then, watched in horror as the Klingon Bridge was dismantled at amazing speeds. Soon nothing remained of his bridge except the chair the Captain would sit in. Something shoved him back into his chair. Greg sat down. "What's going on?"

Todd grinned at him.. "Quickness. Oh, and Greg?"


"Don't bother attacking this ship again. You can't hurt it anymore."

"We shall see."

"Perhaps. If you survive your predicament. Ta Ta!" Todd grinned as he waved. With that, the view screen itself fell to the floor. Greg jumped with a start, and decided to leave the bridge. He stepped to the doorway, and watched in horror as it disappeared before his eyes, leading into open space, instead of the hallway. The rest of his ship had been taken apart and was now totally gone.

Greg screamed as the air around him rushed to fill the void. Grabbing the nearest handhold, he began to pray. "Our father..." His words were swallowed into the silence as the air dissipated. Greg began to feel the cold of open space take him. With his last bit of strength, he watched as Todd's Constitution class starship warped away in a flash of streched light. To make matters worse, the wake from the sudden warping of space knocked Greg's ship into a slow spin towards a nearby red giant of a star. Greg took solace in the fact that he would never feel the sun's torturous fire, as he would die of asphyxiation or hypothermia long before then.

Greg noticed a large asteroid coming straight toward him. He had been holding his breath now for more than 20 seconds and knew that he was close to the end...

"Who art in Heaven," He thought to himself.

The asteroid crashed into the side of what was left of the ship and destroyed it, since the deflector array was no longer working.

"Hallowed be thy name."

Greg's grip on the edge of the door slipped and he drifted away from the ship at an alarming speed. Soon, there was nothing around him but the cold void of blackness that we call space...

"Thy Kingdom Come."

Greg had maybe 2 seconds before his lungs went against his brain and tried to take a breath, sealing his doom.

"Well, I really haven't been all that good of a guy, lately... maybe I deserve to die." Greg thought with his last ounce of strength.





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