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Fall 2004
The Computer Room Project
Hannah needed her own room. So, we decided to give her the "computer room"
which was originally intended to be a 4th bedroom. Needing space for all the
stuff that was in there (computers, music, etc), we set about taking some space
out of the living room and master bedroom (which were both overly long rooms anyway).
The result was a new 13.5 x 8 office in-between those rooms...

Aug-Oct - 091
First, we took 5 feet out of the living room..
Aug-Oct - 092
Aug-Oct - 093
Dad - Master Carpenter (Dennis Frazier)
Aug-Oct - 094
Aug-Oct - 095
A few days later.. we've also taken 3 feet out of the bedroom, tore out the original wall, and ripped up the carpet in the new space in-between... (and some of the outside wall drywall too)
Aug-Oct - 096
The master bedroom, with all the stuff we needed to find space for piled up.. Also you can see the new outlet boxes in the soon to be wall....
Aug-Oct - 097
Pulling wire.. note the "groove" running from the floor up through the ceiling where the original wall used to be.
Aug-Oct - 098
A closeup of the outside wall, where we tied the power into the new walls off existing outlets
Aug-Oct - 099
The "groove" where the old wall lived...
Aug-Oct - 100
opposite direction
Aug-Oct - 101
tin plating over holes we made in the floor, moving the electrical wiring to it's new location.
Aug-Oct - 102
Aug-Oct - 103
Electrical tape over the contacts for safety during construction
Aug-Oct - 104
Sheet-rock in the living room, before taping and plaster
Aug-Oct - 105
More "rock" going up. Also the new bedroom door before it's installed...
Aug-Oct - 106
Computer room wall... with rock and outlets
Aug-Oct - 107
looking into the living room..
Aug-Oct - 108
Dad cutting outlet holes in yet more sheet-rock
Aug-Oct - 109
The new window in place, and tape and plaster on the walls.
Aug-Oct - 110
Inspecting for rough spots in the plaster...
Aug-Oct - 111
Aug-Oct - 112
The new wall in the living room.
Same wall, with texture and paint applied.
Aug-Oct - 130
Amazing what you can do with a reciprocating saw...
Aug-Oct - 132
Aug-Oct - 133
Door into the bedroom
Aug-Oct - 134
Computer Room, looking into the Living Room
Aug-Oct - 135
Just needs the ceiling fan...
Aug-Oct - 136
Ta da...
Aug-Oct - 139
Storage above the doors
Aug-Oct - 141
Aug-Oct - 142
Next, we took 2 sheets of cabinet grade plywood and made a desk and shelves out of it.
Aug-Oct - 138
Trying to decide where things will go... (check back in a few weeks when we really get moved in for more photos).

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