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Holly's 8th Birthday November 30, 2001
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NNot too many pictures, huh? I had to think as to why this was. Then, I remembered that
I fell from a 10 foot high drop onto pavement when the ladder I was on that
afternoon gave way beneath me. I just now realized that this was on Holly's birthday!
I just now put that together, showing you how scrambled my brain was after that day.
My friend Ben took me to the hospital and I found out that I had a broken
collarbone. They gave me lots of pain killers and Ben brought me home in time
for Holly's birthday party. He was also kind enough to get her present for me,
after I told him what I had in mind. Holly got a "Monsters, Inc." Gameboy
cartridge. I don't remember much else from that day..

Next year will be a better party, Holly. I promise.

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