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Mahler's 2nd "The Resurrection" Symphony
March 15th and 17th

Northwest Symphony Orchestra Horn Section (with extra players)
6 on stage horns, and 4 off stage.


photo courtesy of Aaron's camera

Roughly left to right: Shauna - 6th, Todd - 5th, ? - o.s., Aaron - 3rd, Ealish - 4th, Darryl - 2nd,
? - o.s., Ulf - o.s., and Hsing-Hua - Principle (Robin - assistant principle & o.s.
not present)
at Beneroya Hall, Seattle during rehearsal

(o.s = Off Stage horn)
Hsing-Hua, Shauna, Aaron, and Ealish are the regular horn section for this Orchestra

I'll add the other names before this weekend.. (perhaps more pics too)

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