What on earth is this? Well, that's hard to say. It's War! Collective creative writing, just for the fun of it. It started a long time ago between me and a friend by the name of Craig Bennett. We would write silly chapters back and forth at each other on his BBS, now long since gone. Eventually, several other BBS'ers joined in to the fray and we made up teams. One side would be the A-Men and the other side would be the Z-men. For some reason it caught on. Our stories would eventually end and they would be somewhere close to 100 pages in length. Some of it was very funny. Some of it was downright silly. A lot of the time, it didn't make any sense. And as with all things, it eventually lost it's newness and died a final death. Our total output was 5 seperate War!s, with a sixth that never quite got off the ground. All of them are archived. If you want to read one of them, e-mail me and request one of them. I'll send it to you. I also welcome your comments.


One of the other writers of those silly wars, Greg Hartman moved away some time ago. Our friendship is such that we don't like the distance very much. So... we started up a new War! of our own as a way to stay in contact and still have fun. Strangely, some of the other old "players" are interested in getting back into it. Look for chapters by them if they really follow through. If you would like to join in on our adventure, you are welcome to submit the story idea to me and Greg, as it's our ballgame. If we like what you have in mind, we'll discuss letting you in on the fun.

This website is the only place you can read what we're up to. Each entry is a seperate chapter. Check back often as a new chapter is written usually once a month, or better, depending on our time. The "new" flag near the latest chapter should clue you in to any recent additions. If it doesn't make any sence, that's because you need to attach a Phyzirian Universal Commonality Translator to your computer.

Still confuzed? Read on <***at your own risk***>.

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